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Welcome to the website of Namaste Care International, a not-for profit membership organisation for the global promotion of Namaste Care.

The word ‘Namaste’ means “to honour the spirit within” and Namaste Care honours the individual receiving its services. Developed and pioneered in the USA by Professor Joyce Simard, Namaste Care has two basic principles: a loving touch approach to all client interactions, and a calm environment.

We have Namaste Care Champions in England, Greece, Australia, Iceland, Canada, the Czech Republic, Scotland, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the USA and in addition a hospital specialist and music therapist. They are available to assist colleagues in their own country to implement and manage effective Namaste Care programmes.

The organisation launched officially on 5th October 2018, with a one day conference and celebration at Oatlands &Oatleigh Care Village in London, UK. Delegates heard founder and honorary chair Professor Simard and practitioners from the UK and around the world speak of their experiences in delivering Namaste Care in a variety of healthcare settings. They also had the opportunity to take part in workshops targeted to specific healthcare settings.

Namaste Care International founder and honorary chair Professor Simard, comments: “Namaste Care helps people with advanced illness to live, not simply exist, for as long as possible. It improves the end-of-life experience for the person with a terminal disease, their families and carers. When I created Namaste Care in a Vermont veterans’ home in 2003, I had no idea it would be adopted around the world, so it’s very exciting to be in at the start of this new organisation

Namaste Care International founder and honorary chair Professor Simard

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